Monday, January 17, 2011

Simple Sunday Chicken

This week, I needed a simple roasted chicken recipe- one that I could accomplish after a weekend away in Philly (celebrating Peanut's parents 40th anniversary) followed immediately by a "Sunday Funday" outing with Javier and his friends visiting from NYC. Ina's recipe, which I had made before, would do the trick. It's simple:

1. Melt some butter and baste the chicken (Santa left me the nifty silicone basting brush in my stocking!):

2. Stuff with garlic, lemon, and thyme. Chop up some onions and scatter them around the chicken, then roast for 90 minutes on 425:

3. Make a gravy using chicken stock, flour, and the drippings and enjoy!

A simple recipe, indeed, but one that was still very good. It wasn't as sweet as last week's, and Peanut commented on its rich flavor - a feature, most surely, due to the butter and the onions roasted alongside it. I'm a gravy guy, so I liked this one primarily because of the gravy that was served on top of it.

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