Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blackjack Dinner

Attendees: Peanut, Trevor, and Nico
Cocktails: Prosecco
Hors d'oeurves: Crudite
Entree: Rack of Lamb Persillade
Side: Sweet Potato Steak Fries
Dessert: Sabayon with Blueberries

Peanut and I are heading to Las Vegas in a few weeks to celebrate Nico's 40th birthday. In preparation, close-to-professional gambler Trevor came over to teach us how to play blackjack. I reciprocated by providing dinner. IF ONLY I COULD BE PROUD OF WHAT I MADE?!

People, I did not want to post about the meal because it was FAR from the favorite meal I have made. But people (i.e., Peanut) told me that I had a responsibility to post my greatest misses as well as my greatest hits. Ina, my love, I usually love your recipes, but what did I wrong with the rack of lamb? I cooked it for as long as you said, and its internal temperature (I checked) said it was done, by why did it look so raw? And the sweet potato steak fries - well, that was just my fault for not cooking them long enough (I blame it on being too eager for blackjack to start).

But the dessert- my friends, the dessert was DIVINE! I called up LL and used her classic sabayon recipe that involves 6 egg yolks and then such precise measurements as 5 1/2 "shells" of white wine and 1/2 shell of Grand Marnier. Whisked to perfection with a white wine custard served warm with blueberries.

Let's hope for a a greatest hit next time....

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