Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How long ago was Easter, anyway?

I was about to post pics from our dinner party on Sunday when I turned on my camera and realized that I forgot to post some from Easter! I didn't make any meals, but was invited to a brunch (at Rick and Jack's) and dinner (at Mountie's)- so I made biscuits (for brunch) and Peanut made a Brownie Mocha Torte for Mountie's dinner.

My cheddar buttermilk biscuits...

... which went well with the main course Rick, Jack, and Violet's Friend, prepared.

They even had an Easter Egg hunt, which I totally won (thanks to Peanut)!!!

My prize for winning, which I divided evenly for all guests to take home (but took the portion with the most Peeps).

Sadly, I didn't get a group shot, but did get this super cute one of Peanut with Bindi and Fiona!

A few hours later, while I napped, Peanut got to work in the kitchen and dazzled everyone at Mountie's dinner with a delicious Brownie Mocha Torte!

OK- I'll post Sunday's dinner pics tomorrow... maybe.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

THIS is what you call a THROWDOWN!!!

Attendees: Jack, Motorcycle, Rick, Anni-Frid, Peanut, & our chef: Zero
Lion's Head Meatballs

: Mesclun salad
Main course
: Stuffed cod with crab meat, served over whipped garlic mashed potatoes, Green Beans with Caramelized Red Onions, almonds and mushrooms.
: Mini Mile High Pie & a cup of dirty coffee

Zero had us over for dinner on Sunday night for a very special "Throwdown." As he explained to us at the beginning of dinner, a Throwdown is a family tradition in which a person surprises someone near and dear to him by inviting friends over for a minimum four course meal. The job of the person hosting the Throwdown is to show his/her appreciation by preparing, cooking, serving and even cleaning for that special person in his/her life and their guests. A Throwdown is so exhausting that one never has time to eat during this time period.

So why were we invited? Zero and Anni-Frid were celebrating 12 years of bliss together, and our company was Zero's gift to Anni-Frid!

Zero started the Throwdown by serving Lion's Head Meatballs, made with ground turkey and prepared with coconut milk, curry and soy sauce, garnished with mango and cantaloupe.

Next course was a mesclun salad with feta cheese, watermelon, peanuts and dried cranberries served with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil

Not the best picture of our main course, which featured baked cod stuffed with crab meat. Peanut doesn't eat seafood, which meant more for Motorcycle!

I, specifically, loved the dirty coffee that came next. Then again, how can you not like coffee served with Bally’s Irish Cream & chocolate?

And for dessert: Mini-Mile High Pie (Amaretto soaked angel food cake, vanilla bean ice cream, and honey oat granola) served with drizzled chocolate and butterscotch.

A tradition where someone cooks for me and my company is considered the gift? I like this Throwdown-thing!