Monday, July 27, 2009

Fire Island: Part II

Just to recap: Threebs and Little Bird invited us to spend the weekend on Fire Island!!!

Meal Number Four: Saturday Evening Dinner
Conceived by:

I had planned to grill Portabella Mushroom burgers, but to our dismay we discovered that the grill was out of gas by Saturday night. Ever resourceful though a tad disappointed, we decided to just fry up the portabellas 'em. Threebs decided that ketchup was an unworthy condiment so whipped up some homemade aioli.

Which we ate with some oven-roasted potatoes (not shown) and, as an ode to my mother, some Panzanella.

I knew that I didn't want to bake at the beach, so for dessert I served ginger spiced cookies I had baked on Thursday night before we left.

Meal Number Five: Sunday Morning Breakfast
Conceived by:

Threebs had planned a delicious breakfast plate for Sunday with some protein to counteract the carb-loaded meals in my repertoire. We woke up to enjoy dressed-up scrambled eggs served with a fire-y tomato chutney. OK, fine- we couldn't keep it completely carb-free: we had toast and some leftover potatoes, too.

Oh, yeah.... and that blueberry coffee cake I made. Whoops!

Meal Number Six: Sunday Lunch
Conceived by:

Threebs made a delicious salad trio: Three bean salad, beat & mint, and tomato & peach. Unfortunately, we were too depressed about leaving Fire Island to remember to take pictures! So we ate as we cleaned, and soon enough we were on the ferry back to the main land.

A weekend with amazing food... not the main point of the weekend away, but definitely an added plus to spending quality time with people (and pets!) you love!!!

Fire Island: Part I

Threebs and Little Bird invited Peanut and me to spend the weekend with them on Fire Island! We left Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon... which means, that Threebs and I had to plan out a total of six meals! And not (an affordable) grocery store on the island. So we planned, we prepped, and got ourselves on the ferry!

Meal Number One:
Friday Night Dinner

Conceived by:

She was a bit nervous about grilling pizzas but Threebs is never one to be intimidated by a challenge, especially one that's culinary. Peanut was beside her to offer help or just help boost confidence at the grill.

First up: Manchego, truffle oil, and cremini mushrooms.

Next: Margherita (Tomato, garlic, and mozzarella)

And finally: Caprese with pesto, mozzarella, and her own home-grown tomatoes!!!

She served the pizzas with a fennel and arugula salad, and some sauteed broccolini. A delicious start to the weekend!

Meal Number Two: Saturday Morning Breakfast
Conceived by:

Peanut and I overloaded on blueberries at two separate farmer's markets, so I decided to keep it simple and delicious with some homemade blueberry muffins. (Threebs even prepared some blueberry smoothies to accompany them).

And we were off to the beach!

Meal Number Three: Saturday Lunch, on the beach
Conceived by:

Light, fresh, and delicious was my inspiration. Add some Bulgar wheat, lemon juice, scallions, mint, parsley, and feta and you have yourself a perfect tabbouleh for lunch, served with pita. (Threebs, of course, had the perfect accompaniment: baby carrots, hummus, and olives).

Saturday Afternoon Cocktail Conceived by: Threebs

The girl can do no wrong! What better way to end the day on the beach then with some fresh cucumber, mint, and lemon to accent the perfect Pimm's Cup. I kid you not: the entire beach was jealous.

Stay Tuned for the remainder of the weekend's fabulous meals!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Javier's Birthday Cupcakes

His request was simple: yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting. But after a late, late night Friday and a full day of hiking in Great Falls on Saturday, I did the unthinkable for Javier's birthday and used cake mix! Hopefully you won't write me off- I did make my own milk chocolate frosting!

Rumor has it he still enjoyed them:

Happy Birthday, Javier!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Phew! I'm back

Mountie was coming over to meet with Peanut to discuss his new kitchen design, Sven was in town from Uganda, and I had just finished two exhausting months at work. In addition, peaches and tomatoes are in season!

Sounds like the right combination to get me back in the kitchen!

Attendees: Sven, Peanut, and Mountie
Vodka martinis

Cheese and crackers

Main Course:
Pork loin with tomato and peach compote

Rice with fennel and golden raisins


I kept drinks simple, this time, with a nice vodka martini.

Patrick's brother got me a subscription to Gourmet for Christmas- I chose the main course, Peanut chose the side. What's better is that I didn't even start cooking until 8 pm, and dinner was literally on the table at 8:45. A testament to my culinary proficiency? Or just an easy recipe?

I'm saving my baking muster for Javier's 32nd birthday cupcakes on Saturday (granted, the request- yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting- shouldn't be too hard to fill ). While Sven went back to his hotel after dinner, Peanut, Mountie and I enjoyed a summer stroll to the overpriced gelateria, Pitango, that recently opened around the corner from us. Thanks, Mountie!